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Sherwood Enterprises - Australian Flooring Distributor
Sherwood Enterprises - Australian Flooring Distributor
Sherwood Enterprises - Australian Flooring Distributor
Sherwood Enterprises - Australian Flooring Distributor
Sherwood Enterprises - Australian Flooring Distributor




At Sherwood Enterprises we Stock, Market & Distribute Direct to You SHERPRISE high grade expansion Eva Memory Micro Closed Cell Quality Interlocking Horse Mats Items 4001,4002,4003,4005 & the latest New Formula Virgin Rubber Composite Cushioned Comfort Interlock Mats Item 4006 & 4007 plus Item 4008 Recycled Rubber Horse Pavers and Item 4009 Stabilisation Surfacing Drainage Grid Cells as listed & described below. All the Indoor horse mats are engineered & designed with horses in mind & reflecting comfort as per natural grazing pastures surfaces with the added advantages of built-in Hygiene, Cushioned Comfort, Traction, Traction Slip Resistance, Resilience, Shock Absorption, Abrasion Resistance, Durability & Performance for Indoor Stable Stalls, Foal Stalls, Breezeways & Floats and Horse Pavers & Drainage Stabisation Grid Cells for Outdoor Surfacing


Eco-friendly Resilient Cushioned Comfort Interlock flooring for Indoor Stable Stalls re Horses and Ponies, Breezeways & Floats Flooring. Easy DIY installation as the mats interlocks on the longest sides & ends butt up. The Horse mats provide cushioned Comfort,Traction Teardrop Hygienic Surface and studded coin base. Note the mat is single layer construction & sealed so urine cannot soak into the mat to form odours & ammonia build up & liquids will pool off or are absorbed by using a minimum amount of horse bedding. NB: IMPORTANTLY Horse bedding Usage with Item 4001 is reduced by up to 60% as the mats are built for comfort.
Note: Bacteria cannot breed in these mats.


Impact Wall Protection in Stables & Floats is most important as talking to Equine Hospitals the number of injuries is numerous & costly when medical care is required so a little care & installed of Eva Micro Closed Cell Cushioned Abrasion Resistance Protection mats is all that is required. Eco-friendly engineered memory closed cell wall protection horse mats which absorbs impact & recovers. Provides excellent thermal insulation and are hygienic as they have a non-porous sealed surface so liquids just pool off. Heavy Duty Durability & Toughness but light weight so not heavy to lift and install like heavy rubber wall mats.
NB: Easy to fit if you just need to cut use a sharp stanley knife & straight rule. Contact us for further installation guidelines.


Eva micro closed cell memory cushioned interlocking mats feature a traction teardrop safe surface & provides excellent thermal insulation with shock absorbing & anti-fatigue properties. Item 4003 is Non-porous so Urine/Bacteria/liquids cannot penetrate the surface as it is a sealed mat so it will stay hygienic and virtually no off-gassing like rubber so improved Indoor Air Quality in stabled environments. Item 4003 isa very popular matas it comes with 4 interlocking edges and 2 removable straight egdes for easy installationand so easy to handle & install. Ideal for Stable Stalls, Breezeways,Float Flooring, Store Rooms, Shed Floors and often used as Portable floors when travelling to horse events.( Doggy Day Care & Boarding Kennels, Gym Fitness Mat & general every day mat usage) Item 4003 can be sterilized cleaned from time to time with a cap full of household disinfectant in a bucket of water. NB (Never Use Bleach)


Item 4004 Revulcanized Rubber Interlocking mats are known for Function, Durability & Toughness and a very versatile mat that can be used in numerous ways like Wash Bays, Floats, Stables Stalls,Stable Entrance/Store Rooms, Shed & Garage Flooring, Protection Ground Mats and as Grass Mats and Bar Matting. The mats provide anti-fatigue relief if standing for long periods & insulation from flooring surfaces they can be installed on earth dirt surfaces, concrete, asphalt plus compacted & levelled crusher dust surfaces etc. The designed function of surface holes permit quick drainage and features gripper base for stability & safety & they are anti-slip Ideal for Indoors Outdoors Usage.


Item 4005 is Dense,Durable & Tough Heavy Duty 34mm Thick Micro Memory Closed Cell Interlock Horse Flooring Mat that provides the Optimal Ultimate Cushioned Comfort to horses in stabled stall environments, Breezeways or Floats & often used as Dairy Cattle Matting. The mat is single layer construction & has a traction slip resistance teardrop textured surface and coin studded base for air circulation and comfort as energy reflection as the horse moves around and importantly they are sealed so it is Urine Resistant & Bacteria cannot breed in this mat ensuring it is hygienic. Interlocks on the 1830 sides and the ends butt up and each mat comes with Qty 2-1830 puzzled straight edges that attached as per Item 4001. Known to provide therapeutic/anti-fatigue benefits and excellent thermal insulation andthy are non abrasive flooring so horses are more inclined to rest & rise in safety. Item 4005 is so easy to DIY install and can be hosed out or steralized clean from time to time with a cup full of household disinfectant in a bucket of water (Never Use Bleach) Item 4005 will never collapse or go hard due to the closed cell memory- Mat Size1830x1220x34mm Thick


Introducing for 2019 te latest new formula Virgin Rubber Composite Equine Animal Healthcare flooring to provide lasting Hygienic Therapeutic Cushioned Comfort. The Equine/Animal Flooring is engineered & designed for Equine Hospitals,Operating Rooms,Recovery & Rehibiltation Stalls, Hospital Corridors plus Veterinarian Practices,Veterinarian Schools,Thorougbred Race Horse & Stud Farms Stalls, Foaling Stalls plus Equestrian & Dressage Horse Stalls. Ensuring a Hygienic Horse Mat that's been very successful in the United Kingdom, Europe & America market and now here in Australia at Sherwood Enterprises.


Almost indestructable weather proof & creating that enchanting old cobblestone visual in recycled fine grounded graded rubber that's coloured throughout the pavers not just the surfaceas some cheaper paver versions Item 4008 is non-toxic polyurethane bound, porous resilient interlocking paver featuring non-slip traction surface in wet or dry condtions plus has protection shock absorbing properties which ensures confidence stress reduction security of footing with horses when working out or walking on these 43mm Thick Pavers. Importantly they provide for a functional,safe and long lasting horse flooring range for Indoor Or Outdoor Usage Ideal for Parade Rings, Horse Walkers Surfacing, Stable Stalls & Breezeways, Out-day Yards, Horse Shelters, Wash Bays, Saddling Areas, Muddy Paddock Entrances Driveways, Stable Entrances/Exits, Feed & Water Troughs Surrounds and Equine Swimming Pools Surrounds,Pathways-Driveways Equine Hospitals -Veterinarian Clinic's. Pavers Size 160mmx200mmx43mmThick or 160mmx200mmx20mmThick Note if Installing in Indoor Stable Stables etc a Non-toxic slip resistant polyurethane sealer is required to ensure the pavers is imperrneable non-porous & waterproof seamless installation finishwhich will ladtlong term & highly durable flooring solution.


Item 4009 Eco friendly certified Interlocking Multi-Layer Permeable Drainage Grid Cells elimating compaction and stabilisation of ground surfaces. Suggested Usage: Providing a stabilised horse stall floor with Natural Drainage in Stables Stalls, Breezeways, Horse Shelters, Parade Rings, Entry Exits to Stables, Race Track Infields and Horse Arenas, Outday Paddocks, Animal Holding Pens,Muddy Gate Entrances ,Tracks Alleyways, Overflow Car Parking, Shed flooring, Slope & Erosion Stabiliation Plus Dairy Farms Golf Club Pathways, Driveways and Water Trough Feed Bin Surrounds & Dairy Feedlots and Council Public Parklands, Backyard Grass areas Item 4009 Grid Cells are certified & fully tested for Weight Bearing & Strength Compression Grid Item 4009 are 500x500x35mm Depth-4 Grids per M2 Don't put up with mud its not Healthy for Horses it can create severe skin conditions like mud fever infectious pastern dematitis and becomes a breeding ground for fungus bacteria for insects infections. No More Mud-Install the Interlock 4009 stabilisation grid cells Contact US today for Interlocking Drainage Stabilisation Grid Cells.

'Environment Eco friendly 100% Recycled & Recycable Surfacing Solution.'


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